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Analytical Chemistry Research and Development Records --

Identifier: NWRC 0022

This collection contains the professional papers and records of Analytical Chemistry Research and Development (R&D), including work done with strychnine, diphacinone, and zinc phosphide. These records came from the Analytical Chemistry Unit beginning in 2009.

Dates: 1988 - 2021

Animal Damage Control Annual Reports --

Identifier: NWRC 0011
Abstract The Animal Damage Control Reports arereports detailing the expenditures, employee statistics, and wildlife control activities each fiscal year in every state starting in the early 1900s. They document the activities of the National Wildlife Research Center’s predecessor, the Animal Damage Control Program, and the evolution of wildlife management practices over the course of a century. The oldest Animal Damage Control Reports on record are from the year 1915, slightly after the Division of...
Dates: 1915-2018

Bird Damage Unit Records --

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: NWRC 0010

The Bird Damage Unit Records (NWRC 0010) document the activities of NWRC researchers from the early 1900s through the early 2000s as they worked to protect agricultural interests from bird depredations and disease, both domestically and abroad. The NWRC bird unit has worked with a diverse group of cooperators including airports, universities, farmers, feedlot operators, the U.S. military, and other associated researchers to effectively reduce bird damage to a variety of resources.

Dates: 1914 - 2008

Bobcat Stomach Analysis Data Cards --

Identifier: NWRC 0063

The Bobcat Stomach Analysis Data Cards collection consists of 3” x 5” data cards created by the Bureau of Biological Survey’s Food Habits Laboratory. The cards are dated 1929-1952 and include a description of the stomach contents of bobcats that were collected in 30 different states across the U.S.

Dates: Majority of material found within 1932-1942; 1929-1952

Bureau of Biological Survey Field Reports and Maps ---

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: NWRC 0030
Abstract The predecessor of the Bureau of Biological Survey (BBS) was established under the Department of Agriculture in 1885 to study the economic relation of birds to agriculture. The mission of the division evolved over the years to include the study of mammals, as well as to include predator and rodent control activities. In 1905, the division became known as the Bureau of Biological Survey. In 1940, the Bureau of Fisheries merged with the BBS to form the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service under...
Dates: 1900 - 1955; Majority of material found within 1912 - 1920

Bureau of Biological Survey Rodent and Bird Control Lantern Slides ---

Identifier: NWRC 0053
Scope and Contents The Bureau of Biological Survey Bird and Rodent Lantern Slide Collection consists of two series of dated and undated lantern slides that are organized into five boxes. The dates fall between 1907 and 1919. The slides were created by the Bureau of Biological Survey (BBS) and contain photographs documenting BBS operations in the Southwestern U.S. in bird and rodent control. Included are images of BBS campsites and crew, farmers, methods of animal damage control, as well as images of...
Dates: 1907-1919

Chemical Testing Records --

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: NWRC 0025
Abstract The Chemical Testing Records collection documents the history of chemical testing at the Denver Wildlife Research Center and the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center from the 1940s until 1976. Chemical companies sent thousands of chemical samples to the two laboratories for blind testing. All of this data was later compiled into the Chemical Effects Database, and various other publications for use by future researchers. Included in this collection are data sheets, reports, notes, reference...
Dates: 1941-2004, bulk 1941-1998

Cornelius, Oregon, Field Station Records---

Identifier: NWRC 0039
Scope and Contents The Cornelius, Oregon, Field Station Records consists of 10 boxes of materials dated 1961-1977, with the bulk falling from 1964 to 1972. The collection contains administrative reports including trip reports, activity reports, correspondence, and memorandums. Also included are research records such as study plans, field notes, research data, charts, news clippings, and correspondence related to the control of damage caused by starlings, finch, and other birds in the Pacific Northwest as...
Dates: 1961 - 1977; Majority of material found within 1964 - 1972

Covid-19 Pandemic Emails---

Identifier: NWRC 0062

This collection contains information about the Covid-19 pandemic via emails sent to NWRC staff from USDA, APHIS, Wildlife Services, and the National Wildlife Research Center. Emails in this collection are dated March 21, 2020 to May 23, 2023.

Dates: 2020 - 2023

Craig Ramey Records--

Identifier: NWRC 0054

Craig A. Ramey worked as Research Wildlife Biologist with Center from 1989-2017, where he investigated canine rabies, gas cartridges, and pesticide impacts on birds and skunks. He was also instrumental in setting up the Center’s Registration Unit, where he developed and maintained the pesticide registration database for monitoring the progress of data collection for pesticide registration with the EPA.

Dates: 1970 - 2007; Majority of material found within 1989 - 1998

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Compound 1080 13
Bird damage 10
Zinc Phosphide 10
Coyotes 9
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Brown tree snakes 7
DRC-1339 7
Pocket gophers 7
Rodents 7
Strychnine 7
Birds 6
M-44 6
Pesticide registration 6
Predator control 6
Rodent damage 6
Rodenticides 6
Bird control 5
Blackbirds 5
Ground squirrels 5
Trapping 5
Aquaculture 4
Bears 4
Crop damage 4
Feral swine 4
Frightening Devices 4
Jackrabbits 4
Mesurol 4
Nutria 4
Prairie dogs 4
Predators 4
Quelea 4
Radio Telemetry 4
Starlings 4
Voles 4
Administrative management 3
Aerial hunting 3
Airport bird control 3
Animal Damage Control Program (U.S.) 3
Animal damage control 3
Baits 3
Beavers 3
Bird banding 3
Blueprints 3
Building construction 3
Construction projects 3
Endangered species 3
Gulls 3
International programs 3
Invasive Species Research Building (ISRB) 3
Invasive species 3
Mammals 3
Methiocarb 3
Outdoor Pen Project 3
Publications 3
Rats 3
Repellents 3
Surfactants 3
Toxicants 3
Wildlife Science Building (WSB) 3
Wolves 3
Acetaminophen 2
Animal Research Building Support Wing 2
Annual reports 2
Antelope 2
Attractants 2
Avicides 2
Avitrol 2
Bait stations 2
Bird strikes 2
Black-tailed prairie dogs 2
Bureau of Biological Survey 2
Cables 2
Chemical repellents 2
Construction planning 2
Cormorants 2
Corn 2
Coyote getter 2
Coyote trapping 2
Deer 2
Diphacinone 2
Electric fences 2
Field experiments 2
Field stations 2
Finches 2
Forest damage 2
Grackles 2
Guam 2
Hawaii, USA 2
Livestock 2
Livestock Protection Collar 2
Livestock guarding dogs 2
Mammal damage 2
Monk parakeets 2
Mountain lions 2
Nicarbazin 2
Orchards 2
People 2
Pheasants 2
Pocatello Supply Depot 2
Poisons 2
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United States. Bureau of Biological Survey (BBS) 6
Animal Damage Control Program (U.S.) (ADC) 5
Denver Wildlife Research Center (DWRC) 5
Dusenberry, William E. 5
Savarie, Peter J. 5
∨ more
Tobin, Mark E. 5
Avery, Michael L. 4
Connolly, Guy E. (1941) 4
National Wildlife Research Center (U.S.) (NWRC) 4
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 4
Wildlife Services (U.S.) 4
Besser, Jerome F. 3
Bullard, Roger W. 3
Fagerstone, Kathleen A. 3
Fall, Michael W. (1942) 3
Gainesville, Florida Field Station 3
Linhart, Samuel B. (1932-2019) 3
Matschke, George H. 3
Mott, Donald F. 3
Otis, David L. 3
Bowles, Walter A., Jr. 2
Bruggers, Richard L. 2
Clark, Larry 2
Curnow, Richard D. 2
DeGrazio, John W. 2
Dolbeer, Richard A. 2
Freeman, Nancy A. 2
Hawthorne, Donald W. 2
Hilo, Hawaii Field Station 2
Jaeger, Michael M. 2
Knowlton, Frederick F. 2
Linz, George M. 2
Nolte, Dale L. 2
Pocatello Supply Depot (PSD) 2
Schafer, Ed 2
Shivik, John A. 2
Sterner, Ray T. 2
Taylor, Jimmy D. 2
United States. Department of Agriculture (USDA) 2
Balser, Donald S. 1
Barras, Scott C. 1
Beason, Robert C. 1
Birlson, Tom 1
Bismarck, North Dakota Field Station 1
Boothe, Dale A. 1
Brandt, Jim 1
Brooks, Joseph E. 1
Burns, Richard J. 1
Campbell, Earl W., III 1
Campbell, Tyler A. 1
Carpenter, Joseph B. 1
Colorado State University (CSU) 1
Corr, Odon (1933-2021) 1
Cozzens, Ethan 1
Cozzens, Tyler W. 1
Cummings, John L. 1
Data Support Team (DST) 1
Davis, James E. , Jr. 1
DeLiberto, Thomas J. 1
Dodge, Wendell E. 1
Dodson, Monte M. (1925-2020) 1
Dunbar, Michael A. 1
Dwyer, Diana L. 1
Eckery, Douglas C. 1
Environmental and Risk Analysis Services (ERAS) 1
Evans, Benjamin L. 1
Follis, Buck (Walter W.) (1939-2017) 1
Garrison, Melvyn V. (1933-2019) 1
General Services Administration (GSA) 1
Gerhardi, Thomas E. 1
Gese, Eric M. 1
Goldade, David A. 1
Goldman, Luther J. 1
Griffin, Doreen L. 1
Halvorson, Gale J. 1
Hansen, Jack D. (1924-2022) 1
Jaureguiberry, Patrice (1947-2013) 1
Johnson, Richard E. 1
Johnston, John J. 1
Kalmbach, E. R. 1
Kimball, Bruce A. 1
King, Bob 1
Lefebvre, Paul W. 1
Looney, Gary 1
Mason, Russ 1
Miller, Lowell A. 1
Millsap, Blue 1
Mishalanie, Beth 1
Moore, Warren G. 1
NWRC Administrative Unit 1
NWRC Analytical Chemistry Unit 1
NWRC Director's Offices 1
NWRC Safety Office 1
Neff, Johnson A. 1
Olympia, Washington Field Station 1
Operational Support Staff (OSS) 1
Oppenheimer, Bob (Robert Thomas) (1923-2010) 1
Pesticide Coordinating Committee 1
Pesticide Coordinating Subcommittee 1
Philippines Field Station 1
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